About us

Anglicana Aste by F. Gelardini is based in Rome, Via F. Fuga 1/c. It is located in the Quartiere Flaminio, about 1 km from Piazza del Popolo. The Gelardini family, which includes three generations of antiquarians, has an experience of more than 75 years and our company is a leader in the antiques and 20th century design auctions field. We also deal in furniture, libraries and wine cellars.

We are renowned for considerable antiques and furniture auctions, and we stand as a reference source for collectors and art lovers.

For many years, we have organized several monthly auctions in Rome. Our art experts at the Civil Court in Rome, registered at the Collegio Periti Italiani, pick our items with the utmost care and professionalism.

Anglicana Aste allows customers to sell works of art and antiques quickly, receiving payments 25 days after the auction.

We also provide you with whatever assistance you may need, from estimates and inventory to shipping, taking care of anything before the sale.